Missy (Morrison) Charko

Miss Finger Lakes 2004

Top Ten

Angie (Miller) Ruiz

Miss Finger Lakes 2000

​Diana Marie Russo - Miss Finger Lakes 2018, Top Ten

Camille Sims - Miss Finger Lakes 2013, ​Top Ten

Charlotte Booth - Miss Finger Lakes 2011

Charlotte is a graduate of Canisius College with a degree in Athletic Training. An entrepreneur at heart, Charlotte is currently employed in the field of developmental disabilities, while she continues to develop her business enterprises. Working with her family, Charlotte is restoring an 1808 historical home and grounds; the location of the Forsyth Tavern; the town of Cambria, New York's first post office and stage coach stop. A historic landmark, Charlotte envisions returning the setting to its original charm where she will host unique hospitality and entertainment events and operate small businesses including Here’s to Hereafter and Jay Bird Antiques. At home in North Tonawanda, New York, Charlotte lives with her boy friend and loveable pit bull, Pippa.

Cassie Paradise - Miss Finger Lakes 2017

Cassie is a resident of Staten Island where she graduated from the New Millennium Training Center. She is currently working as a medical assistant while studying to become a pediatric operating room nurse. She has been dancing for 18 years, and performs a jazz dance in pageant competitions.  

She previously served as Miss Southern Tier 2015, where she received the honor of People's Choice at the state pageant, and Miss Richmond County 2016. 

Danielle (Rout) Gonzalez

Miss Finger Lakes 1999

Top Ten

​​Miss Finger Lakes 1969 Carol Camenga

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Kerisa Bonville - Miss Finger Lakes 2015

Elizabeth (Sutton) Burke - Miss Finger Lakes 2008

Audra (Paquette) Burns

Miss Finger Lakes 2003

Top Ten

Caitlin (Nolan) Bittel - Miss Finger Lakes 2012

Allison (Carlos) Crossman - Miss Finger Lakes 2016

Allison served as Miss New York's Outstanding Teen 2007, as well as Miss Forest Queen 2011,Miss Thousand Islands 2012 and Miss Thousand Islands 2015.

​​Star Gazette (Elmira, New York) Mon, April 8, 1968

Miss Finger Lakes 1967 Jeannie Lewis   Miss Finger Lakes 1968 Diane Neal      Miss Finger Lakes 1969 Carol Camenga

Miss Finger Lakes 1970 Heather Solsky  Miss Finger Lakes 1971 Geri Monahan  Miss Finger Lakes 1972 Shawn Kisiah

Miss Finger Lakes 1973 Barbara Holden Miss Finger Lakes 1974 Peggy Jo Sowers 

The Early Years

​​Miss Finger Lakes 1968 Diane Neal

Star Gazette (Elmira, New York)

Mon, April 22, 1974

Stephanie Quimby

Miss Finger Lakes 2005

Top Ten

Lorna Rose - Miss Finger Lakes 2009

Lorna Rose was born in upstate New York and currently resides in Boston, MA. She graduated from Syracuse University, summa cum laude, with her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work, 

Lorna spent most of her undergraduate years dedicated to combating domestic and sexual violence. She spent 4 years volunteering with Vera House. Upon moving to Boston, Lorna spent the next 4 years immersed in the entertainment industry as a business manager. As she nears the end of her law school career, she’s finally honed into the one true passion that’s remained a constant in her life for over a decade and decided to make a career out of it: football.​

Miss Finger Lakes 1974 Peggy Jo Sowers 

Jesse Ladoue

Miss Finger Lakes 2006

​Nina Zesky - Miss Finger Lakes 2019, 2nd Runner Up

Desiree (Wiley) Fluellen - Miss Finger Lakes 2014, ​1st Runner Up

Desiree grew up in Buffalo, and received her bachelor’s degree in journalism with a concentration in political science and economics from Buffalo State College. She currently lives, and works as a reporter in Boston.

She has held five titles through the Miss America Organization and has been the runner-up to three Miss New York winners who went on to win the Miss America title. 

Sarah (Carr) Himmelbaum

Miss Finger Lakes 2001

Amy Valenti - Miss Finger Lakes 2010

Laurie Jean (Fanfarillo) Britton

Miss Finger Lakes 2002

LaMonica (Falquay) Williams

Miss Finger Lakes 2007