There they are​

2018 Judges Panel:

Stacey Minchin, Head Judge

Marcie Beaton

Dr Steven Coleman

Gayle Ong

Valerie Hodge Spicer

Runners Up

1st Runner Up​ Olivia Grant 

2nd Runner Up Alexina Federhen 

3rd Runner Up Taisha St Jean 

OT Runner Up​ Kianna-Rae Cummings


Additional Awards

Miss Congeniality​ Marivi Howell-Arza 

Community Service Taisha St Jean 

People's Choice Emily Mahana 

Overall Talent​ Diana Marie Russo

Miss Contestants
Alexandra Harvey-Sprague, Alexina Federhen, Alys Derby, Anna O'Brien, Bridget Avery, Diana Russo, Emily Mahana, Leanne Schad, Madison Hanel, Marivi Howell-Arza, Olivia Grant, Sarah Soltish, Taisha St.  Jean

Outstanding Teen Contestants
Alexys Conti, Deayza-Marie Peebles, Katie Manuel, Kianna-Rae Cummings, Liza Cotter, Madisson Yaulcher


The 20th Annual Miss Finger Lakes and Miss Upstate New York Pageants took place on January 6, 2018.

2018 Queens with Chris, LED

Celebrating 20 Years of Sisterhood



Each of our Miss and Teen contestants represents her own community, and is vying for the chance to represent Upstate New York and the Finger Lakes Region at the state pageant.

These ladies are students, professionals, advocates for their selected platform causes, social influencers, and role models. Their success will be measured by the impact they leave behind.

2018 Platinum Queens with Gabrielle Walter, Miss New York 2017

2018 Winners

Miss Finger Lakes

Diana Marie Russo

Miss Upstate New York

Emily Mahana

Miss Finger Lakes'

Outstanding Teen

Deayza-Marie Peebles

Miss Upstate New York's

Outstanding Teen

Katie Manuel